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Afwag People

In today’s global marketplace, it’s our dedication to personal service and build­ing relationships that has made Afwag as one of the Libyan's fastest growing manu­facturers of metal building systems.

Precision Manufacturing

Afwag people are craftsmen who use sophisticated equipment to translate computer-fabricated drawings into qual­ity-controlled building components. We truly are the Men from Iron for Building from Steel and have established a reputation in the industry of providing our customers with buildings that go together efficiently. This saves our customers time and money.

Dependable Support

Afwag backs every building they manufacture with a unique method of exceptional service from our sales, estimating, engineering, design, drafting and manufacturing teams who pride themselves in their commitment to customer satisfaction.

On-Time Delivery

Week after week, Afwag buildings are delivered on time to our customers ensuring faster deliveries.

Commitment to Innovation

Everyone at Afwag is involved in con­tinuous improvement. We empower our employees to build in quality at every step and it shows. The Afwag team is commit­ted to the success of your building project.

bullet Layouts
Our team of interior designers and engineers pay close attention to the needs of every prefab customer. They suggest the best units to serve your needs and take into consideration aspects such as space, terrain and insulation.
bullet Engineering drawings
Our engineering department provides detailed drawings highlighting space usage and electro-mechanical specifications to best suit a given project.
bullet Delivery, assembly and re-location

Afwag promises timeliness when dealing with the delivery of prefab units. We deliver the units and are fast in assembling them. Our delivery and assembly teams are quick to provide you with your order when and where you want it. For mobile prefab units, Afwag offers transport to new locations as you move.


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